Solar Wind Power is a leading independent engineering and financial consultancy, specializing in the brokerage 
of PV ( Solar ), Wind Projects and existing Renewable Energy Parks, in the Southern and Southeastern European 
Region ( Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania ).

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive service and professional advice in the purchase and sale of Renewable 
Energy Projects and Parks.

We assist prospective Investors/Purchasers in sourcing and selecting ideal opportunities in the Renewable Energy 
Sector, with an emphasis on facility yields and investment growth.

Our established Green Business Network allows us, to offer our Clients professional service and collaboration in the 
sale of their Renewable Energy Projects and Parks.


  • Green Power comes from Renewable Resources such as Solar, Wind, Hydro, Wave, Geothermal power, Biomass, Organic, Plant materials and Landfill gases.
  • Using Green Energy instead of burning the conventional petroleum based materials as oil and coal, saves our               Planet and creates a cleaner Ecosystem for the future generations.
  • Green Energy is cost effective and the way of the future.
  • All future business opportunities in the energy sector will come from Renewable and Sustainable Resources.