Renewable Energy Projects are the PV ( Solar ) and Wind projects that have received all permits ( environmental, building, 
operating, signed feed in tariffs ) and are ready to be built, or currently under construction.

Renewable Energy Parks are the PV(Solar) and Wind facilities that are in operation and generate income.

We maintain a list of available Renewable Energy Projects and Parks in the Southern and Southeastern European Region 
( Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania ).

Capacities of our Renewable Energy Projects and Parks :

PV ( Solar ) Capacities : ranging from 100KW to 300MW

Wind Capacities :            ranging from     2MW to 400MW

Confidentiality Agreements are in place to protect the interests of all parties and the signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement 
is necessary, before we are able to assist interested parties with pertinent information.

If you are interested in further information, or in investing in a Renewable Energy Project or Park, please send us an e-mail.